Nanotech 650FG Ultra Precision 5-Axis Freeform Generator
Nanotech 650FG
Since January 2016, the Nanotech 650FG Ultra Precision 5-Axis Freeform Generator of Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC is available for the Aixtooling GmbH.
With the main work spindle centrally integrated within an oil hydrostatic Y-axis carriage, advanced machining methods such as raster flycutting of linear diffractives and freeforms, micro-prismatic optical structures, micro-milling of aspheric lens arrays as well as Slow Slide Servo (S3) machining of toric, biconic surfaces is achievable.
Aachener Firmenlauf 2016
The DryRunners are still diligent and successfully took part at the 5th Aachener Firmenlauf.
Current Trade Fairs and Events 2017
Booth Laser 2015
Photonics West 2017
German Pavilion, North Hall, Stand Nr. 4629-56
31. Januar - 02. Februar 2017
Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA
German Pavillion, Booth 4629

We invite you to visit our booth. Please take the chance to arange a special appointment in case of more detailed inquries!
10th Anniversary of Aixtooling GmbH 09.11.15

On 6 November 2015 the Aixtooling GmbH celebrated its 10th Anniversary.

Thank you to all who have celebrated with us for this unforgettable evening!

A big thank goes also to the company Kerres for catering, TBM event for light & sound, the photo box (Foto Studio Strauch) and to the band "DAMP" (David Spender, Annette Sauermann, Michael Tiefenbeck, Pit Brüssel) for the great musical support!
Donation to the Förderkreis Asyl Würselen e.V. 18.11.15
2.000 Euro for the Förderkreis Asyl Würselen e.V.
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